Future Marketing

Winning in the Prosumer Age

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by Jon Wuebben - Founder and CEO of Content Launch


robert-rose-headshot“In the past, we were all consumers. As technology evolves before us – we are all now prosumers. Every one of us is now researcher, reviewer, editor and expert on some topic. So, the lines between marketing, customer and influencer begin blurring substantially. Jon has artfully recognized this and constructed a pragmatic roadmap to help navigate us through this blur. An outstanding book.”

Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute

jay-baer-headshot“Future Marketing is a provocative guide to the emerging synthesis of communications and innovation. Read this book – it will make you rethink your entire marketing approach.”

Jay Baer, President of Convince & Convert and best-selling author of Youtility

“Jon offers big-picture thinking on how marketing is rapidly changing. Because it is! But he also offers practical solutions for what you can do to succeed in this brand new world — right here, right now.”

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer – MarketingProfs

byron-white-headshot“Jon’s been a popular speaker at Content Marketing Conference for years, and his third book Future Marketing is yet another well documented journey where marketing possibility and probability collide. You’ll find vision that’s rooted with the greatest futurists of all time, and marketing predictions grounded by the content marketing revolutionaries. When you dive into the future, you’ll surface with Jon’s take on how consumers and promoters and providers all play together in the sandbox of the future, with new tools, tactics and techniques that accelerate business growth in strange and mysterious ways.”

Byron White, Chair, Content Marketing Conference, CEO, WriterAccess

joe-pulizzi-headshot“Right now is the best time to “future proof” your marketing plan. There is a clear opportunity for those organizations to rethink how they’ve been communicating with consumers. Those that create better customer experiences will win…it’s that simple. Future Marketing is the roadmap to help you get there.”

– Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute

mike-stelzner-headshot“If you want to map a content marketing course to the future, settle in to Jon Wuebben’s book and prepare for a wild ride to success.”

Michael Stelzner, Founder & CEO, Social Media Examiner

“Surviving the Digital Age as a business is tough. Surviving (and thriving) for the long term is even harder. But this exactly why Jon Wuebben’s Future Marketing is so important. As businesses, we must do what it takes to stay ahead of the curve, and Jon gives you the steps, strategy, and plan to achieve just that.”

Marcus Sheridan, President, The Sales Lion

arnie-kuenn-headshot“Future Marketing helps you think and do differently from everyone else. This book can and should serve as a first step to expanding your content marketing practices. I don’t think I have the guts to make predictions 5 years into the future, let alone 10+ years. But Jon does. And he might just be spot on. A highly recommended read for all marketers and business owners.”

Arnie Kuenn, President, Vertical Measures

tim-ash-headshot“Want an express ride into the minds of today’s consumers? Jon shows you how to prepare your marketing for the new digital age!”

Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners, Bestselling Author of Landing Page Optimization, Chair of Conversion Conference

ian-cleary-headshot“Marketing is very exciting and fast moving, it’s important not just to ‘react’ to the changes; we also need to step back and plan for future changes. Jon provides amazing insights into what is coming in marketing and is a must read for any marketer in the industry.”

Ian Cleary, Founder & CEO, Razor Social

bernie-borges-headshot“Jon Wuebben provides a comprehensive insight into the state of marketing through the lens of the past, the current and the next two decades. His insights are grounded in research, examples and intuition. His enthusiasm for the future of marketing is contagious.”

Bernie Borges, CEO, Find and Convert

bryan-kramer-headshot“Businesses are no longer completely in control of their products, brands and messages. The consumer, or ‘prosumer’ is now in control. Jon Wuebben knocked this book out of the park handing you a clear way to build a human business with the right influence, at the right time, and with the right people.”

Bryan Kramer – CEO, Pure Matter / Best Selling Author, TED Speaker

barry-feldman-headshot“If you want to read a book about what has and hasn’t worked for marketers in the past, or today, you have roughly a million choices. However, if it’s the future that intrigues you, Jon’s book stands alone. It’s a fascinating take on marketing. Bravo to Jon for having the vision—and huevos—to take us time traveling forward.”

Barry Feldman, President, Feldman Creative

pamela-muldoon-headshot“One of the many things I admire about Jon Wuebben is his ability to be forward thinking with ideas on business and marketing. “Future Marketing: Winning In The Prosumer Age” takes these ideas and provides a road map and real examples of how the future of marketing is happening right now. If you want to be a part of it, read this book!”

Pamela Muldoon, President, Muldoon Media

deana-goldasich-headshot“Marketers can often feel like they’re running on a daily hamster wheel of change. With Future Marketing, Jon Wuebben gathers data and insights to paint the exciting BIG picture of what’s to come and how we’ll get there. You’ll be energized along the way with a vision that moves you well beyond the buzz!”

– Deana Goldasich, President, Well Planned Web, LLC

brian-massey-headshot“No matter what the trend, those that get started sooner reap the biggest rewards. Business leaders should be in the habit of embracing what is coming and not wait for what has is fashionable. This book has given me the map I need to chart an early path into the minds of my prospects using content and smart marketing.”

Brian Massey, Founder & CEO, Conversion Sciences

jay-durgan-headshot“If you’re gazing out over the futurescape of marketing and thinking it similar to a fumble on the one-yard line or driving in rush-hour traffic, Future Marketing provides a thought-provoking roadmap highlighting the many factors – customers, technology and culture – you’d be well advised to heed.”

Jay Durgan, Chief Content & Marketing Officer, Media Mobz

ivana-taylor-headshot“Whether you’re a startup or a small business veteran, Future Marketing is a must read! As an entrepreneur you don’t just need to know what the trends are — you need to understand how to apply what’s happening to your business so that you can bob and weave right along with it. Future Marketing is both a trend book and a guidepost that you can use to understand which trends will hit your business and how to leverage new technologies to support your business. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the speed of entrepreneurship, Future Marketing is for you.”

Ivana Taylor, CEO, Third Force Marketing, Publisher of DIY Marketers

“You are holding in your hands a clear-eyed vision of what is coming next in the marketing business. Lets face it, most marketers are several years behind the big trends. This book is a fast way to get caught up. In Future Marketing, Jon also provides a practical look at where we are today.”

Andy Crestodina, CEO, Orbit Media

travis-wright-headshot“If you want to future-proof your brand’s marketing and content strategy, read Future Marketing. And after you finish with Jon Wuebben’s brilliant book, maybe you could read my book, Digital Sense? That’s right, an ad in a book blurb. #nextlevel.”

Travis Wright, CMO/CTO, CCP Digital & Author of Digital Sense

carla-johnson-headshot“Most business books teach tactics or strategy for today’s environment. But rarely do we journey into the future to think about what’s possible – which is exactly what Future Marketing does. This book should be the guiding light for all marketers, to help you think about your marketing and your company in new ways. Its grand in scope and deep on ideas, exactly what we need to be prepared for tomorrow.”

Carla Johnson, Chief Experience Officer, Type A Communications and Co-Author of Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing

jason-miller-headshot“The marketers that I admire most are the ones who are one step ahead of the current trends; the ones who take the timeless tactics of the past and mash them up with the present while embracing the uncertainty of the future. Jon Wuebben is two steps ahead with his latest book, Future Marketing. It’s a field guide to not only future proofing your business, but also your career as a marketer.”

Jason Miller, Global Content Marketing Leader, LinkedIn