Future Marketing

Winning in the Prosumer Age

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by Jon Wuebben - Founder and CEO of Content Launch


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Author Jon Wuebben is also the CEO of Content Launch.

Press Release

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Book Factoids

  • Book website: http://futuremarketingbook.com/ (please link to this in articles)
  • Title: Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age
  • Formats: 304 pages, 6″ x 9″, soft cover: $19.95; also available in Kindle, Nook and iBook formats
  • Author: Jon Wuebben
  • Publication date: Amazon and ebook release: March 1, 2017. U.S. and Canada bookstore release: March 1, 2017. International release: March 15, 2017.
  • ISBN: 978-0-692-77506-6
  • Publisher: Content Launch Press
  • Sample chapter: Click here for chapter one and the table of contents (PDF)

Business Journalists: Fast Facts about Content Launch (Author Jon Wuebben’s Company)

  • We’ve produced content for 500 companies, in 7 countries, in over 50 different industries
  • We developed the first complete content marketing platform for digital marketing agencies and SMB’s (small-medium sized businesses)
  • Develop high quality content (relevant, optimized, sharable content that converts)
  • Founded in 2003, the most established firm in the industry
  • San Diego, CA Headquarters
  • Great staff of U.S. based writers – all major industries represented, B2B, B2C, non-profits and government
  • 300 Content Writers & Editors (Copywriters: 280, Video Professionals: 20 Admin/Executive & Sales: 5)
  • A better alternative to “crowd-sourced” content where quality suffers & English is a second language for many writers.
  • Partnerships with over 200 key industry vendors (CMS providers, SEO firms, Design firms, Agencies, etc)
  • Awarded Top Content Firm Numerous Times
  • Will join the Inc 500 in 2017

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Who should read “Future Marketing”?

Anyone involved in the practice of marketing  for starters. Whether you are B2B, B2C, agency side or client side, large or small company, this book covers marketing strategy and ideas from every angle. Its applicable to all. Those interested in the future of business itself will also enjoy the book. Finally, anyone interested in the study of the future, those who follow futurists and those interested in cultural and technological trends. This book is for big thinkers, planners, “idea” people and those who are creating and dreaming the future today.

Book Description

The future: It is ours to create. We can build it in whatever way we want to. As you peer into the coming years and see the opportunities, the truth is clear: there has never been a better time to be a marketer. The next fifteen years will unleash unprecedented improvements in social connection, efficiency and quality of life, for everyone, the world over. Well-known marketing industry leader, Jon Wuebben, draws on the latest research, data and predictions across multiple disciplines to show you:

• How cultural and technological shifts will impact the marketing practice

• How content marketing and marketing technology will change

• How to transition from brand messages to multi-sensory “experiences”

• Why “platforms” will supplant brands for building an audience

• Why “Mega Trends” will serve as signposts for connecting with your audience

• What the world’s foremost futurists are predicting for the next 15 years

• Why the “Prosumer” will be the new customer

• What the marketing practice will look like in the year 2021 & 2030

• How to plan whether you’re an enterprise, agency, SMB or a local business Like everything else, marketing will change dramatically in the coming years.

Future Marketing is your handbook to navigate the exciting, upcoming terrain. So, take a seat, buckle up and get ready; the train to the future of marketing is leaving the station!

Q&A with Jon Wuebben

Why did you decide to write Future Marketing?

It seems there are a thousand business books that cover “how to” topics or “best practices”, but very very few that cover big ideas or that are future focused. I looked around and couldn’t find a book that synthesized the marketing practice, futurism and technology changes, so I wrote one! It also seemed like a natural next book for me after doing 2 “how to” books on content marketing. I wanted to go in a new direction, open it up a bit to be more than just “content” marketing. This is the first of a series of “future” oriented books I plan on writing. There will be a trilogy for sure, but I’m not giving away what the next two books will be about. not yet. I waited a year or two to write this book because although I could “hear” the calling, it wasn’t truly time to sit down and do it until the summer of 2016. Thats when the whispering in my ear became much louder. “Its time to write this book”…thats what the spirits were saying to me. 😉

What is the “Prosumer” and why should we know about it?

One of the key ideas that Futurist Alvin Toffler wrote about in his book, The Third Wave, which came out in 1980, was a revolutionary idea that he called the “Prosumer”. He said, “in the future, the role of producers and consumers would begin to blur and merge.” Toffler envisioned a post-Capitalist world where people were serving themselves and serving each other. And isn’t this exactly what Linux and the entire open source software movement is? And isn’t Uber people helping other people? We can also see it in social media, where we post content and consume it as well. Additionally, “prosumer” can mean “product and brand advocate.” Rather than simply “consuming” products, people are becoming the voices of those products and significantly impacting the success or failure of companies, products, and brands, particularly through their involvement on the social web.

Of course, we can agree that businesses are no longer completely in control of their products, brands and messages. The consumer, or prosumer is now in control. Prosumers are the online influencers that business leaders and marketers must not just identify but also acknowledge, respect and develop relationships with in order for their products and brands to thrive. In fact, it’s so important and so significant a change from what we once had, that it really is a movement, a cultural shift.

What are some of the book’s key takeaways?

  • You need to start thinking about and planning for the future of your marketing now
  • Its important to use the concept of “synthesis” in your marketing…and business…thinking. (example: for this book, I synthesized the marketing practice, futurism and technology changes)
  • You need to think about your customers differently. They are prosumers now. They not only deserve your respect and attention, they will help you do your marketing. And you need to welcome that if you haven’t yet. Because your competitors will. and they will win instead of you because of it.
  • You need to expand your thinking of what marketing is and could be. Beyond ads. Beyond blog content. Beyond all the traditional structures, jargon and business notions we all carry.
  • Marketing can and should be used for the common good. and you cant simply pay lip service to it. It needs to be genuine.
  • Get away from the long standing traditional ideas around “branding”. Think instead about “platforms”.
  • “Experiences” will be the next big thing in marketing
  • Everything will change in the next 15 years…absolutely everything. and almost all of it for the better. You need to be on the forefront of that change.

What’s the number one question you get asked the most?

What does the future hold for us as marketers?

How would you describe yourself?

Introspective and determined. Giving and kind. Creative. And very passionate about marketing…and the future!

What do you want people to do as a result of buying your book?

Thing big. Think different. Think inclusively. Think about contribution. Think community.

If you meditate on that and make it all a part of who you are and your organizations culture, you will change the world. and you’ll also make a lot of money (!), if that is a goal. 😉

Future Marketing: Questions for the Author

1. Why did you write Future Marketing?

2. Why should businesses buy this book, how can it make a difference in their marketing plans?

3. What is the prosumer?

4. What types of marketing will we all be doing in 5 years? 15 years?

5. How will marketing fundamentally change?

6. Why will platforms supplant brands for building an audience?

7. How will the marketing agency change over the next 15 years?

8. How will marketing technology help?

9. What will content marketing look like in 5 years? 15 years?

10. Tell me about cultural trends and how they will impact the marketing practice

11. What are some of the important Futurists saying?

Author Bio

Jon Wuebben is the CEO of Content Launch, which offers the first content marketing software built for small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) and digital agencies. Content Launch also provides content writing and content strategy services for hundreds of companies and digital agencies.

His 2012 book, “Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web & Mobile”, helped businesses learn how to plan, create, distribute and manage content. “Content is Currency” has been published in six countries worldwide. Jon has spoken at Content Marketing World, Online Marketing Summit, South by Southwest (SXSW), Marketing Profs B2B Forum, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Social Media Marketing World, New Media Expo, Intelligent Content Conference, Content Marketing Retreat, Lavacon, ADMA (Australia), BIA Kelsey Small Business Forum, the Media Relations Summit and for many organizations, including Hubspot, Intuit, the American Marketing Association and Shop.org as well as industry groups in the areas of content marketing, mobile marketing and entrepreneurship.

He has been listed as a thought leader in the content marketing space by countless publications since 2008. Jon has an MBA in International Marketing from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management. He is also the author of “Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web”.

In the political world, he has worked for Senator John McCain, Vice President Dan Quayle and the Republican National Convention. A prolific songwriter, Jon is releasing his first album of pop songs, “The NightBird” in 2017.